Load issues

  • 15th January 2018
We are currently experiencing some load issues on the main hosting server and are working to correct this issue.
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Auto update reminder for Open Source projects

  • 15th February 2017
A recent discovery of a security flaw in Wordpress has exposed all sites prior to 4.7.2. This major flaw if left unleft makes it possible for hackers to comprimise Wordpress websites. recommend linking your website to our auto updater and enabling automatic ...
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Free LetsEncrypt SSL

  • 15th January 2017
Thanks to LetsEncrypt we can now offer free SSL encryption on your web site. Need a hand setting it up contact our service centre. The option is avaliable in the web hosting control panel, under SSL Certificates. Login into the web hosting control panel (Select your domain if you have multiple). Got SSL Certificates Choose Free & ...
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PHP5 and PHP7 Now Avaliable

  • 15th December 2016
We have both php5 and php7 web hosting available. You can switch between versions on the same site without migration, so trying your php5 website on php7 is easy as.Why php7 It's faster ... in many cases much faster It's safe, and is now the main version being developed You'll have to do it some day, as php5 will be reaching end of life 2018 ...
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