Wordpress is releasing  on around 19th November 2018 once the stable version of WordPress 5.0 is launched. 

If you have auto-updates enabled for a Wordpress installation this may effect you. We have a new options in Softaculous which allows you to choose between minor and major updates. Minor will keep Wordpress running at 4.x, major will update to 5.

At this stage we recommend minor updates and staying at version 4 and running version 5 manually when you're ready. Upgrading to Wordpress 5 may effect plugins in unexpected ways, so large updates are best done by humans.

If you're affected, you should also receive this notice from our hosting servers.
In order to set the auto upgrade to minor versions only please login to your control panel and go to Softaculous enduser panel. Go to the Edit Installation page for your installation(s) and select the "Upgrade to Minor versions only" radio button and Save the details.

If you need help drop us an email or contact your Web developer.

Monday, November 12, 2018

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