Hosting Migration completed

After many hours of site moves and helping clients connect to newer email services, the old Directadmin server has officially be shutdown.

Thank you everyone for you patience during the move. Overall it was quit a smooth transition.

13th Oct 2020
Hosting Migration is coming to an end

Most sites have been moved. If we've not manage to contact you about the move, your website will be moved within the next 2 weeks.

30th Sept 2020
Hosting Migration is underway

Our first batch of sites are being moved over to the new server, super exciting. They're running better than ever before.

If you're not part of the first batch, don't worry we'll contact you for round 2.

28th Jul 2020
Hosting Migration is coming

Our old Directadmin server will be replaced over the next few months. Plesk is an improvement over our current control panel and also this change also involves an upgrade to existing software and infrastructure.

We'll contact clients in the coming weeks to organise the migration.

9th Jun 2020