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Creating Email Accounts

If your email was created as part of your Web Hosting (Plesk), use these details.

If your email was created via the Client Portal use the Dedicated Mail server details, use these details.


Web Hosting Server ~ Email Accounts

To create an e-mail account, you must first create the account on the server via hosting Control Panel, then configure your Email Client to connect to the server to send and receive emails.

Server Set-up: Creating E-mail Accounts

  • Login into your hosting Control Panel
  • Click on the domain you would like to add/manage the mail account for. Then click "Mail Settings", make sure you're on the "Email Addresses" tab
  • Create an account, remember the username and password to enter into your Email Client

Client Settings: Connecting your email

  • Find the settings/add accounts area
  • The mail (POP3) and smtp servers are
  • Enter your account and password details
    Usernames are the entire email address [email protected] (the user name by itself will not work)
  • Under advance setting check ports for Outgoing and Incoming mail. 
    Connection security SSL/TLS
    Outgoing mail port (SMTP) is 465
    Incoming mail port (IMAP) is 993


Enter in to you web browser address bar, (remember to change for your actual website domain)

Alternative direct server settings

Connection security SSL/TLS
imap server:          port: 993 (secure encrypted)
smtp server:          port: 465 (secure encrypted)
login: email address

Trouble shooting

  • Trouble Connecting, check username is full email address, passwords are case sensitive
  • Trouble Sending, check SMTP port is set to 465
  • Check DNS and MX records are correct, if you domain name is with another provider you will need to update those.

Bulk Sending

Please do not use your email to send bulk email subscriptions. There are better services and ways to do this.
Please read, Bulk Sending

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